Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк

When the Fog Clears


Kinetic video installation
Videos. 5 metal constructions with rotating mechanisms (2,5 - 4 m high). HD video projectors, media players

Hunters go out hunting before dawn. In the darkness, they occupy comfortable positions on specially equipped towers and camouflage... waiting when the night fog clears… The first break of light dissolves a protective misty veil and brings the first kill… On the opposite side, there is a potential victim, which is unaware of being held at gunpoint… It also expects the fog to disperse... For the hunted target, the first rays of the sun is a new day, a new hope, and a new fear… A primal fear that like an exposed nerve causes pain… a fear to open your eyes and look closer at the details, an anxiety to be visible in the light, an uncertainty and frustration that surround consciousness like a thick fog…

The tops of the metal towers are slowly spinning on their axis, “scanning” the dark space around, and time-to-time catching the fragments of frightened nude humans that are trying to escape from being visible.

The work reflects on the fragility of human existence, constant anticipation of upcoming catastrophe and danger, uncertainty about the future... so common for Ukrainian society today because of the war in the East of the country, and socio-economic and political turmoil. Although, these feelings of fear and uncertainty are common not only among those living in the zones of conflicts but also those in the prosperous countries and safe locations... they fear of migration processes, radicalization, right-wing political systems, and unpredictable outcomes of globalization. In this context, the artist attempts to construct a situation in which fear is the most important protagonist, a conditioned hunter who has kept breath waiting when the fog clears…