Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк

Tolerated Violence


Multichannel video installation/video sculpture
25 videos. Construction with 25 (max) monitors. Dimensions variable

Violence, similarly to cancer, targets the very core of a human being. It invisibly breaks through small acts of cruelty in childhood, and then, in more conscious age, ripens and grows with the tolerance to more significant acts of aggression... at some point, it can suddenly blossom in an act of actual physical destruction. We all are, to a certain extent, traumatized by its multifaceted manifestations... we practice it every day, we rationalize and justify it, and we notice it only when it reaches new levels.
We stop noticing aggression when it becomes a social practice and a part of culture; when it obtains a media frame. Media kill us every time they demonstrate violence as something mundane. We become victims of own devices, own mechanical and media bodies.

A large number of monitors, TVs, and tablets of different configuration, age, and size form a media monument. Each device shows a video of some body part. The monument itself reminds an abstract human body, parts of which react to an external stimulus with a shiver. The viewer does not see the stimulus causing pain, while observes the reaction of the body to it.