Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк

Limit of comprehension


Video installation

Military uniforms
Projectors, media players, speakers
Dimensions variable

When war happens in a country which is not your own you do not feel compelled to understand it deeper or to be aware of it, or try to rationalize it, to make it closer to your emotional and physical experience. We perceive wars of others rationally. When a war starts at home, you are forced to face its absurdity and inhumanity all the time. Consequently, you have to imagine your future in practical terms and to rethink your recent past. Violence and atrocities of the war become a part of your bare everyday existence. In an attempt to save yourself from its piercing violence you try to analyze the war and to distance yourself from it; this is your cure for this affliction. Soon you start to understand that there are more and more questions that lack unambiguous answer; perhaps, such answer does not exist at all. These questions multiply with every person killed, injured, made to flee or homeless. One day you understand that these unanswered questions reach a critical amount and you find yourself at the limit; at the limit of comprehension. Every one of us faces this personal challenge: to get used to this new systematic violence, its rational human madness, or to resist it and feel empathy, which will not allow you to forget about the violence even at the limits of comprehension.