Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк



Site-specific video installation
dimensions variable


The work Debris is based on the sculpture Metallurgists by Alexiy and Yuri Zhiradkov (1970), which Sergiy Petlyuk accidentally found sawn up in the abandoned Dnipro Palace of Illich, a landmark of constructivism by Alexander Krasnoselsky (1932).

The project is a reflection on the artefacts, materials and practices that make up the history of Dnipro City: water, stones, metal, hard labour and the sprouts of a new digital future. Debris is a symbol of what the city has lost as a result of socio-cultural and political changes, and which now aches, unable to heal, to be reinterpreted and adapted to life in the new conditions. These are all the objects that cannot find a place, are geographically splintered and continue to tear apart the urban space, remaining undefined and deliberately unnoticed.


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