Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк

Limit of Comprehension


Video installation
(military uniforms, projectors, speakers, videos), dimensions variable


When there is a war in a foreign country, one does not feel obliged to understand it profoundly, to bear it constantly in mind, or to approximate it to one's own emotional and bodily experience.

We perceive other people's wars rationally. But when it breaks out on your native soil, you must continually confront its inhumanity and absurdity, you must imagine your practical future, and you must rethink your near past. The brutal violence of war becomes part of your bare immediate life. Trying to escape from this, you try to rationalize the war and see your own detachment from it as a cure for the illness. But after a while, you realize that there are more and more questions without clear answers, or answers at all. And the number of these questions grows along with the number of those killed and maimed, forced to flee and left without a home. At some point, unanswered questions reach a critical point, a certain limit. This is the limit of comprehension. At that very moment, you face a personal challenge, as you need to choose whether to get used to the new systemic violence, to its rational human insanity, or to keep your feelings that do not allow you to forget or run away, even at the limit of comprehension.

Videos of naked people are projected onto military uniforms scattered throughout the gallery. The projected people talk to each other, though their dialogues are reduced to the mere utterance of chess moves.