Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк

Filling the Endless


video installation
(wooden structures, fabric, water and videos)

200 x 500 x 400 cm

The installation alludes to the intense feelings caused by unimaginable acts of violence. The concentration of pain, fear, despair and powerlessness breaks people into pieces, alienating them from those who live a peaceful life. It is impossible to articulate or pass on this experience to others. There is a constant disconnect – as if being seen, one remains invisible; as if being listened to, one remains unheard. Such a fragmented body resembles an exotic creature on display – people observe its various facets from a safe distance. And only the trickles of water flowing down this body, starting with a single drop that turns into a stream, seem capable of mirroring the unspeakable. This ritual of cleansing and ablution with water and tears can neither come to an end nor bring the desired relief. It is impossible to wash away the imprint of an event or a pain that has shaped us.
The alienation of one person from another cannot be overcome even with empathy,leaving one alone in this endless process of cleansing and ablution. No matter how much water there is, the vessel cannot be filled. It is bottomless.